Friday, February 28, 2014

Jem for Sketch Dailies

Sketch Dailies theme of the day was Jem.  Here's my Jem sketch, I managed to squeeze in some time to draw and colour it this morning.  It's very pink...


  1. Hi! I just discovered your art and I'm in love with it already. Specially your animation, and your figure drawings. Your lines are so expressive and beautiful. When you do figure drawing, what do you use, coal¿? I would love to know when you started drawing, where you've studied, if at the begining you where already good.. I'm 16, from Spain, I like drawing and I would love to become an animator or an illustrator, anything related to drawing, but I'm pretty bad, and I just don't know if I will be able to become something like that in the future... I have a friend who goes to my class, and let's say she has the ''gift'' of being really good at drawing, even without making an effort, and for me it's really hard. What do you recommend to start drawing? I mean, to learn the basics, anatomy, colour... For me one of the hardest things is line quality. My sketches are just terrible messy, I'm really insecure and I draw a million lines. Sometimes I try to draw quick figure drawing sketches, using model pictures, to improve my line quality and gesture , but as I don't have any time to measure, I draw the model too big, and really bad, I don't know... I know everything I need is to practise and practise, but if you can give me any tip on how to start, I would be thankful. Keep drawing as amazingly as you do!!! Sorry about my English and about this massive comment >.< Big hug! :DD

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for liking my work! I work on newsprint paper and use Derwent Drawing Pencils in black ebony. They're my favourite.

      Don't feel like you can't draw, I believe drawing is a language that we can all learn, some people it comes more naturally to than others but everyone can learn to draw. Being an artist is a different matter, but that expression will come with the mastery of the language first.

      I usually don't like to mix work with my blog, but you can look up my studio if you want, there's an FAQ and a youtube page with some information that you might find helpful!